hi this is dr. stephen jones and i’m so glad you decided to join me again because i have a wonderful topic that will help you a lot as your parent term papers you know that in high school and college there are plenty of term papers that you have to do even some middle schools are now requiring term papers because we have all these computers and you can type things out you can make things happen easily but one of these that students have a problem with is just getting started so I have a great method that will help you get started actually in my book and I say let’s say you have a 10 page paper you can select a topic like music and then you can design three main subtopics under that jazz gospel and you might have a little of reggae something different and then write three pages on each of those that’s nine pages then an introduction and conclusion and there you have it a 10 page paper is really simple basically also tell students start off with the outline maybe that will help you to actually do the research that you need to do by having the outline as you design in terms of your topic so I’ve given you a method what you want to do is go out there books it’s really a lot of people think that books are old-fashioned but it’s still important to use books because you can actually find things inside the books you can find websites and other information that you can use to get that paper started also you want to start early so you can ask your professor or teacher what are some inputs that they would have the kind of people that they like to see or maybe they may even allow you to see some older papers that students at that successful on so i think is really important to get started early develop your outlines do your research make sure you give credit to whose credit is due make sure that you have organized paper and you’ll have success on that next term paper get started right now and check out my website there’s a lot information and tips that continue to give as you read through my website thank you and have a great day